Ditch the dinnertime stress for good!

Say goodbye to:

The nightly "What's for dinner?" interrogation

Having to make another decision

Trying to whip up something healthy when you're already exhausted

Instead, imagine...

Sticking to your grocery budget every month

Making grocery shopping and meal planning brainless

Eating healthy, home-cooked meals every single day (without pulling out your hair)

Throwing less food (and money) in the trash

Hi, I'm Rachael!

I'm a former teacher who loves planning but somehow seemed to fail at meal planning any time I tried.

It didn't make sense that I could plan out months of lessons in detail, yet I could barely string together dinner plans.

As a sustainable living blogger, gardener, and home cook, I was tired of wasting my time, money, and expensive produce by letting it rot before I could use it.

I started trying different meal planning tools and programs, but quickly realized they:

- Shocked my budget ($900 for 2 people?!)

- Required way too much prep time.

This is when I created my own simple meal planning system that took into consideration my real food eating habits, budget, and schedule.

Since then, dinner has been way easier to handle. We're dining out less, eating our veggies, and getting our budget in control.

I wanted to simplify meal planning the same way I would simplify a complex lesson for students: by breaking it into small, manageable parts that build on each other.

In this printable workbook, you'll simply follow along page-by-page. There's helpful content to read, reflective prompts to respond to, and lots of fill-in-the-blank frameworks to build your meal planning routine one piece at a time.

I'll even show you step-by-step how to meal plan to save time and money!

Prepackaged meal plans just don't work.

Instead of tweaking someone else's plan...make your own. It's easier than it seems and with a little time upfront, you'll actually learn how to meal plan.

Meal planning is failing you.

Meal planning is supposed to help you. If that's not happening, the system is failing you. You're not failing anything! Systems that are designed thoughtfully are easy to implement and adapt.

In this printable workbook, I'll gently guide you through all of the thinking to set up a simple, renewable meal planning routine.

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What's included

This is more than just a meal planning workbook. This is a renewable system with all of the pieces you need to succeed!

Printable Materials

A total of 7 minimalist meal planning templates to choose from (two different date systems, 3 different styles, and even a monthly meal planner!)

Custom binder covers and labels

The Favorite Meals List (2 options)

My super popular Pantry Staples List

Grocery Price Tracker

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Pacing Guide

Get organized with the To Do List

Choose from 2 pacing guides to help you breeze through the workbook at the right speed for you

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BONUS! The Secret to Zero Waste Meal Planning Video

Save even more money by minimizing food waste with these super simple tips!

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Total Value

Make Over Your Meal Plan $77

Printable Materials $22

Pacing Guides $12

BONUS! The Secret to Zero Waste Meal Planning Video $15

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This is an 86% discount! 

Buy it once; print it for life. Print and reprint the workbook and printable materials over and over again.

If this framework does not help you truly set up a meal planning system that works for you, send me a copy of your completed workbook pages within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.

Order your printable workbook to start today!

After you order, you will receive a zip file with your workbook, printable materials, and pacing guide. Simply unzip the file, open them up, and get started!

As a printable product, nothing physical will ship. Please contact me right away with any technical problems or issues!

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